Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop

Hello Fabulous!

Welcome to Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop’s website!
I’m Jennie, Carla’s Grandmama. She is my little sweet pea. Oooo I just love squeezing her little cheeks and give’n her a little love bite on the ear. She is just so precious, I could just eat her up.
Oh my goodness Jennie, that is enough googlely gooshy talk about your granddaughter. I’m Grace, which is kinda ironic, because I am the realistic old granny that rarely see the bright side of life. Jennie on the other hand is all sunshine and daffodils.
I thought I was roses Grace?
No daffodils fits your ditzy side of life.
Why I don’t know what you mean ditzy?
I said what I meant, You Are ditzy, overly excited about the frilly things in life. Too positive, and way over the top everything’s sunshine and daffodils.
Well, I’ll just take that as a compliment Grace.

Ok, ladies. Hi, I’m Carla. The granddaughter who decided to help Jennie and Grace open a coffee shop. Everyday these two seem to get into a tiny quarrel over the silliest things. I am usually the one who calms the waters and gets my grandmother to go back home. Jennie and Grace really are best friends. Both lost their husbands some time ago and were very lonely. So they decided to move in together for companionship and arguments. They’re funny and nutty. You never know what they’re gonna say or do. Oh and they love hats, glasses, and tea cups. But they’re not hoarders. Oh no, my grandmother will tell you, someone just left this poor hat behind. Then the next thing you know, it is in the window with a price tag. Poor person who owns it has to by it back. Did I tell you my grandmother is a frugal women? NO? That’s good, because I would be lying. She sells your hat to have shopping money to buy more things to sell at the store. Visious cycle, but we’re all having fun.

We love you, hope to see you soon, and watch out for your hat.

Carla Poepsel, Jennie Borron and Grace Killen

636.432.5005  219 West Main Street, Washington MO 63090