Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop Jennie and Grace Coffee Shop

Grandmother Jennie and God’s Grace

Jennie and Grace is the latest Faith Adventure within my 47 years of life. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a terminal disease, so the medical profession will say. I think that statement is ironic, we’re all born with a terminal disease. One winter, while my momma took an extended substitute teaching position my Grandma Jennie and Grandpa Willie took care of me. Grandma Jennie noticed I was not digesting my food. The contents of my diaper looked just like what I ate, it had not digested. Grandma was instrumental in getting me to a doctor that could diagnose this problem. She never knew I had CF, as she passed away a month before my parents were told I have cystic fibrosis and that I might live to the age of twelve. I am so thankful my parents didn’t know about CF. I was raised like any kid, no special treatment and expectations were to live life BIG. My momma always says I was the baby that never moved in the womb. She was so disappointed. She also says, once I was out, I’ve never stopped moving and that just to look at all the things I do is exhausting. Jennie and Grace is a legacy to my Momma Charlotte, my Grandma Katie and my Grandma Jennie. Jennie and Grace is about sharing the love of Christ with all people without judgement. We want you to know you are welcome and loved when you walk through our door. You will more than likely be greeted with a “Hello” and a “How are you today?” And we want to know. These words to us are very important and our attention to your answer is very important to us. We know you are needing something when you walk through our door and we want to do our best to meet your need. Whether is be coffee, a gift, or a few words to let you know you are FABulous and today is going to be a FABulous day for you.

In our shop you will notice we use FABulous! We have FABulous journals and notepads, pens, and sayings. As you leave our store, we send you on a FABulous journey for the day. Above our door it says, “Have a FABulous Day” The FAB is always capitalized. It means Faith Adventure Begins. Each day of my life has been a Faith Adventure and each day was a new Beginning in the Adventure. Our hope is your Faith Adventure Begins each day. Life is an Aventure.

I have three birthdays, my actual birthday October 16th, the day I was baptized, and February 7th, 2014, the day I recieved my new set of lungs. Yes, I recieved a bi-lateral lung transplant from a young man, he was 30. I call him David. Jesus came from the line of David and David beat Goliath. David helped me beat the deadly affects of Cystic Fibrosis on the Lungs. God is FABulous!

What is so special about Jennie and Grace? You, you are special to Jennie and Grace and our Sweet Peas, our staff. You make our day just by letting us serve you and helping you start your day with coffee or pick you in the middle of the day.

What do we offer? Butter, lots of butter, “You can never have enough butter” said Julia. Our menu changes daily. We have a morning brunch menu with hardy breakfast quiche muffins and breakfast bread puddings (some might say the bread pudding is more like a strata). You will always find made from scratch baked sweet quick breads. Our Grandma Barb Banzi bread, banana zucchini bread is our top seller and it is FABulous. We have made from scratch scones, like our lemon white chocolate, strawberry, blueberry white chocolate, orange cranberry, and occasionally a chocolate strawberry. Our homemade caramel pecan cinnamon rolls sell out quickly and our rum raisin walnut rolls don’t last long.

Our brunch into lunch menu changes daily as well. We serve a soup and sandwich combo, or a soup and salad combo. And you always get some of our FABulous hash brown casserole, a real comfort food. We always have Jennie and Grace Chicken Salad and our home baked seven grain bread, white or sour dough bread. Our soups are made from scratch, no canned or bagged soup from a distributor here. Grandma Jennie would not be happy if she saw soup from a bag. She would tell you a bag is for carrying sunglasses, lipstick and scarves, not soup.